Renovation Award of Excellence: Polo DOT Office Park Building Z, Buenos Aires

Rodolfo Machado
Machado Silvetti, Boston

Fernando Elsztain
Member of the Board
Inversiones y Representaciones Sociedad Anónima S.A., Buenos Aires

A Clear-Spanning, Column-Free Addition

Originally the principal factory of the Philips Argentina industrial campus in Buenos Aires, Building Z - Polo DOT Office Park is the renovation of a cast-in-place concrete building initially completed in 1935. The structure was designed on a 20-meter square module with a 4-meter clear height between floor and structural ceiling, composed of a system of longitudinal primary concrete beams with concrete secondary transverse members.
After the factory shuttered in 2000, the buildings were abandoned until the site was acquired by the developer, which began an extensive renovation on the complex in 2017. The redevelopment is adjacent to the DOT Shopping Center, which will formally and physically link the two entities in a subsequent construction phase.
The project includes a complete restoration of the original building, plus an addition on top of the existing structure. This approach provided opportunities for strategic innovation in the project’s development. The required structural upgrades were minimized by opting to reinforce two longitudinal interior structural lines, not requiring intervention to the exterior load-bearing walls or the central structural line. This also allowed all floors (at 115 meters by 22 meters) of the addition to be clear-spanning without central columns, providing open and flexible floor plates. The project also added two new vertical cores to the exterior of the existing building mass, so as not to interrupt the clear spans. Where the existing building and addition meet, a double-height interior space, spanning 70 meters and completely column-free, is wrapped by a new semi-public panoramic terrace on all sides.

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